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Who We Are

All About Us

Two women in Texas making each candle by hand using the purest ingredients possible.

Candles, in our opinion, ought to serve a higher purpose in life and be as healthful as they

are aesthetically attractive. We designed the Passion Candle because we believe that candles

should enhance rather than detract from a healing home atmosphere.

 Candles, bath bomb, and  health is our specialty

Our Mission Statement

Our hypoallergenic Wellness Candle® is made with you in mind if you have migraines,

nausea, allergies, or sensitivity to artificial components. Chemicals, synthetic oils, scents, colors,

and any other dubious materials are not used by us. Beeswax of the highest quality and organic

coconut oil make up our wax mixture, which burns brightly and cleanly.

We nearly guarantee that after lighting one of our air-purifying & intention-inspired blends,

you'll be able to tell the difference.

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